The Facts

mps101 is dedicated to providing Managed Print Services (MPS) knowledge and expertise to the business community.

We passionately believe in the benefits of the right MPS solution and have seen the disastrous consequences of getting the wrong one.

mps101 specifically provides consultancy and training services to both end users and resellers, we are 100% independent. Our aim is to simply shape the MPS market so it consistently delivers the right solutions for businesses like yours.

End User?

We help end users implement the right MPS solution in a way that maximizes savings and efficiencies for the benefit of your business. We are supplier neutral which means that we never take commissions or rebates from suppliers in any form.


For more information on how you as a Reseller can take MPS to your customers please visit our Selling MPS page.

MPS101 believes that an essential part of any MPS is the ongoing improvement plan. We advise our clients on the benefits of a bidder’s proposal and look to recommend only those plans which have a genuine and tangible structure.

For example, we would consider plans that proactively seek to improve performance measurably against key KPIs.

In addition we look for plans that include the incorporation of product road maps to enable latest technologies to deliver ongoing improvements in service performance.

Info wheel showing the MPS 101 process

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