MPS and the price of Bentleys

Bentley Automobile’s are de-rigour amongst the rock and pop stars of today. However, they appear, more surprisingly to be the mode of transport most chosen by Dealer Principals within the printing industry and this could spell trouble for Bentley.

MPS is as far removed from selling printers as Bentleys are to the erstwhile Citroen 2CV; the much loved transport of the proletariat. The 2CV is a car and no more. It doesn’t have electric windows; in fact it doesn’t have much at all. It does its job as a car in as simple a way as possible. This is why it is the perfect car for Dealer Principals’ who are failing to get to grips with MPS.

MPS and the price of Bentleys

So whilst they waft around, cocooned in a hedonistic mix of luxury pile and dead cows perhaps they ought to stop by the local Citroen dealer for a quick part exchange because one thing’s for sure, the MPS tsunami is coming and it will wash away all those shiny Bentleys from the driveways of business owners who fail to ride out the wave.

And when they finally stop floundering and come up for air, the plastic pig will be ready and waiting.

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