The Facts

MPS101 is dedicated to providing Managed Print Services (MPS) knowledge and expertise to the business community.

We passionately believe in the benefits of the right MPS solution and have seen the disastrous consequences of getting the wrong one.

MPS101 specifically provides consultancy and training services to both end users and resellers, we are 100% independent. Our aim is to simply shape the MPS market so it consistently delivers the right solutions for businesses like yours.

Getting Started

The Big Picture

To know how much your business can save, you must know how much you’re spending. Most organizations have little or no idea, do you?

We start by calculating your total cost of printing (TCP) and use a variety of proven methodologies to show you the potential cost and environmental benefits.

At this point we then work with you to find the most effective MPS on the market that meets all your immediate and future business requirements.

There can be different levels of management depending on your needs. For example, one organization may benefit hugely from a fully outsourced management model whilst another may benefit more from delivering much of the management in–house or even via the Cloud.

Six Steps to Success

Our 6 steps approach follows a proven methodology which includes the following:

  1. 1Set The Right Objectives
  2. 2RFQ/RFP
  3. 3Contract Negotiation
  4. 4POC
  5. 5Pilot
  6. 6Roll Out

We work with you to ensure every step delivers what your business needs.

Focus Areas

We use our expertise to help clients focus on key areas such as those highlighted below:

  • Understanding what MPS means
  • Defining the right objectives
  • Engagement strategies
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Internal alignment
  • Budget holders
  • Consolidating budgets
  • Internal charging
  • Gaining internal commitment
  • Understanding users need
  • How to measure success
  • Knowing the likely challenges
  • Being prepared

End User?

We help end users implement the right MPS solution in a way that maximizes savings and efficiencies for the benefit of your business. We are supplier neutral which means that we never take commissions or rebates from suppliers in any form.

Selling MPS

Unlock Project Potential

MPS101 provides your business with all the necessary expertise and guidance to ensure you make the most of the MPS opportunity.

There are more than 800,000 small businesses in Australia, with only an estimated 5 percent engaged in any form of MPS. In contrast some 75 percent of companies with 500 or more staff have deployed MPS in some form.

At a time when most business areas are in decline, MPS is delivering continuous and significant growth.

Info wheel showing the MPS 101 process

Industry experts Gartner report Australian MPS revenues were over $200 million in 2009 and forecast to reach $326 million by 2012.

Gartner also projects that the Asia Pacific market will be worth more than $942 million by 2012 and more than $1 billion by 2013 and incredibly, the US market is forecast to be worth almost six times that. However, getting it wrong can have extremely serious consequences for your business.

Ask ten people what MPS means to them and you are likely to get ten different answers. In addition, Vendor MPS programs often provide little more than a suite of products.

MPS101 will make sure your business understands all aspects of how to successfully take the right MPS solution to the right market for you.

See our Training page for information on the latest course, MPS—Are you Ready? This is aimed at Resellers looking to take an MPS solution to market. It’s specifically aimed at senior management as it deals with not only the sales process but a broader business strategy. This session is a precursor to our Selling MPS sales training program.

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